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Fakulti Pengurusan Hotel Dan Pelancongan

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The Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management (FHTM) was formed in 1967 and is the pioneer hospitality faculty in Malaysia which offers a hospitality study programme.

The faculty's focus is in line with the nation's aspiration to produce professionals in the field of hospitality and tourism. Therefore, the main objective of the faculty is to increase the number of skilled and well-trained Bumiputeras to fulfil the needs of the hospitality and tourism industries.

Besides the main campus in Shah Alam, the faculty runs its programmes in five other branch campuses namely Terengganu, Pulau Pinang, Sarawak, Sabah and Melaka. The faculty has a total enrollment of more than 3000 full-time students. We are proud of our long track record in education and training that is relevant to the workplace and to real world problems.

The expansion of the faculty in the branch campuses, and the establishment of its hospitality centre of excellence are indicators of our forward moving into new frontiers of knowledge and information. Two centres of excellence are designed to coordinate hospitality and tourism research and consultancy.

The faculty also takes prides in its achievements and progress over the years of experience educating Malaysians in the field of hospitality and tourism. In addition to the traditional programmes of diploma and undergraduate studies, prospective students are now able to join post graduate programmes which are Master and Doctoral at the faculty.

In preparing the next generations to be the leaders of the industry, the faculty adopts and incorporates professional standards and goals of the industry into the curricular. Thus, industry linkages and participation in the academic arena are greatly emphasized



To promote the faculty as centre of academic excellence that is of competitive standing locally and internationally and to generate highly professional and competent graduates who are caring, enterprising and productive in the fields of tourism & hospitality.


To be acknowledged as a leading educational center for the development and dissemination of knowledge in  the broad field of tourism & hospitality, both locally and internationally.

Quality Objective


The Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management is composed of four (4) main academic departments, and six (6) supporting but vital units to the success of the Faculty.

  • The four main academic departments are as follows:
  1. Department of Hotel Management
  2. Department of Tourism Management
  3. Department of Food Service Management
  4. Department of Culinary Arts
  • The six supporting units are as follows:
  1. Quality : ISO 9001:2000, 5S, MQA
  2. Academic:
  • Internal and External programme
  • Strategic Planning
  • Academic Excellence
  • Curriculum Development and Review

3. General Administration and Staff Development:

  • Staff Welfare
  • Staff Development and Progress
  • Financial Management and Administration

4. Students Affairs:

  • HATTS (student society)
  • Le Art De Chef
  • Mentor Mentee

5. External Linkages:

  • Malaysian Public and Private Institutions of Higher Learning
  • International Institutions of Higher Learning
  • Alliances with the hospitality organizations

6. Business Unit

  • Hotel UiTM