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Diploma Kejuruteraan Kimia

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The profession of chemical engineers uses the knowledge of mathematics and natural sciences gained through study and practical experience and this knowledge is applied through analysis and design to solve problems as well as to develop processes and systems for the benefits of mankind. To help the chemical engineers in the chemical industries, a large number of skilled technical personnel is very much required. Realising this need, we designed a curriculum towards the conferment of the Diploma in Chemical Engineering. The first intake of students began in June 2003.

Students of this programme are provided with a strong fundamental of science in chemistry, physics and mathematics before they proceed to do chemical engineering courses such as Unit Operation, Chemical Reaction Engineering and Process Instrumentation. The curriculum also include common engineering courses namely Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics. Apart from the engineering courses, they also learn important tools in Occupational Safety and Health and Human Resource Management.
The courses are conducted via lectures and tutorials and practical work laboratories. Assessment for majority of the courses includes tests, quizzes, assignments and examinations. The number of students in each class is limited to about 30 to enable an effective teaching and learning process. Besides class-style courses, students are divided into small groups to carry out mini projects.
Our diploma programme is currently conducted at 3 UiTM branch campuses; Penang,Terengganu and Sarawak. Only our degree programmes are conducted in Shah Alam main campus.